WANNABE Points Information and Accumulations
Official account balances of all elligible WANNABE point holders can be accessed privately from the My Account link.
Point Accumulations for WANNABE teams are updated AFTER weekly stats become official. (Saturdays)


WANNABE Point Award System
(Seasonal Leagues are ONLY awarded WANNABE points if stated in the rules for that League)

  • In the popular WANNABE Keeper Leaues, team ownership does require a franchise fee for each season. Here's the good part! Each week during competition, points are awarded to the top scoring team in each WANNABE Keeper League with more points awarded for play-off and Championship games at season's end.
  • span class="bblack12"Points are redeemable for franchise fees in future seasons or other Leagues or sports (1 point = $ 1 in franchise fee). You could win next season's entry fee or more by playing in a single season. With the opportunity to join forming Leagues or acquire a previously owned team, you could continue to play at no cost for many seasons to come. If you're good!
  • Point Awards are specific to each Keeper League and are detailed in the rules of each League as well as in the DISTRIBUTION Section of this document.
  • Other BONUS points may also be awarded in various promotions, free Leagues, etc. as deemed appropriate by WANNABE Sports.

WANNABE Sports attempts to provide fun, affordable, and well run public Fantasy Leagues.
You are encouraged to Sign-Up or e-mail any questions to the Commissioner