Keeper DRAFT Info (Grand-Slam Leagues)


  • Originally, a typical fantasy league was comprised of owners who lived in the same city or geographical area. The convenience of such close proximity allowed the owners to get together and conduct a live draft to fill the rosters of their fantasy teams. One by one, each team owner would select a player. The order of selections was predetermined. Each participant was present to hear who was previously selected and able to anticipate their next selection. Obviously, it presents problems attempting to unite owners from around the country (maybe even the world) in any one physical location just to hold a fantasy draft. But NOW with WANNABE Sports' NEW browser-based Fantasy DRAFT INTERFACE and the connectivity of the internet, a real-time draft in a simple interface is possible! The real action is now in your browser on draft day.

  • Team owners log-in to the WANNABE Fantasy DRAFT using their login and password. This area opens into four frames used to manage your teams draft. The Fantasy DRAFT INTERFACE is accessible both during and before the draft. It is essentially a list based system and a list of any length can be prepared prior to the actual draft for emergency purposes or as an aide. Each owner decides the best utilization of the options provided and every owner is afforded the same options. Ideally, each team logs in immediately prior to the draft. The team with pick #1 will place (at least) one name in their list before the first minute of the draft elapses. Exactly 1 minute after the draft begins, the player listed (or the first player in that list) is selected for that team. One frame of the draft area updates automatically and indicates the current pick number relative to system time, which is also displayed in that frame. Other frames update only when you initiate an action or request by clicking the available buttons.
    In turn, as decided by the draft order, each team has 1 minute to position the name of a player on their list (or at the TOP of the list) from which their selection will be made. Picks are made from a default list any time a team's list contains no valid name.
    Other frames in the draft area display the player selection options(by name), a choice of the draft so far, your roster so far, or all the saved players, and a frame displaying your current list with additional editing options.
    --Keep in mind there are more than 250 total picks in the typical draft. Each is active for one minute. So, the complete draft requires the same number of minutes as there are picks. A baseball league draft with 20 rounds lasts 4 hours and 40 minutes. The ability to compile a long list will help when unforseen difficulties arise which can make it difficult to dedicate as much as 5 hours of attention to the typical draft. CAUTION: Owners must maintain their own list or selections will be made for the team from the default list.

  • All 'live' WANNABE Sports drafts are held in the WANNABE Fantasy DRAFT Interface.
    Mock (practice) drafts are held in the weeks prior to the first real draft to introduce team owners and allow everyone an opportunity to become more familliar with the WANNABE Fantasy DRAFT Interface and chat enviornment before the crucial visit on draft day. The schedule for mock drafts is linked from the Fantasy Calendar link in each League and typically linked from the WANNABE Sports Main Page when new sessions are available. Each owner is responsable for requesting a place in at least one scheduled mock draft. Each Mock draft has only 14 spots and REQUESTS ARE HONORED on a FIRST-COME, FIRST-SERVE basis. SIGN-UP for a MOCK Fantasy DRAFT when they are available.
    When the Commissioner is present in any WANNABE chat room(s), look for a nickname (or handle) usually in the form of W_Commish or Commish_W
    Team Owners should use their team name, or a form of it as their nickname (handle) while in a WANNABE chat session.
  • WHAT

  • The WANNABE Fantasy DRAFT Interface - a simple and effective, browser-based method for following the draft in real-time and submitting your team's selections (picks). The interface also includes links to help information relative to it's various parts. This info combined with the mock drafts allow everyone opportunity to understand the process before draft day.
  • WHEN

  • The Official Grand-Slam Drafts and Mock Drafts are usually scheduled in January or February. Official Drafts are usually scheduled for the last weekend in March and the Mock Drafts are typically scheduled for the week or two weeks prior to Official Drafts.

Owners should plan to attend at least one Mock Draft to familiarize themselves with the WANNABE DRAFT ENGINE. Potential owners are also welcome to request a slot in a scheduled Mock Draft. Meet the Commissioner and some of the owners in a chat and see if WANNABE Sports is for you. If you experience difficulties or have a question, feel free to e-mail the Commissioner.