Complete OFFICIAL Rules || Terms & Conditions

The Leagues are small!
Only 12 teams per League means one of those 12 in each League
WILL WIN a Trophy!
(Top scorers also collect WANNABE points)

  • Began in 1998
  • 12 teams per league divided into 2 divisions
  • Team fee is only $15 (or any combination of WANNABE points and US dollars totaling $15)
  • 21 Major League players per team (NL and AL combined)
  • 24 calendar weeks of head-to-head competition (Last 2 weeks of MLB regular season not included to avoid players on clinched teams who may not play)
  • 3 round play-off for top 3 teams in each division. Semi-final and Championship rounds last two weeks EACH.
  • ONLINE draft in one afternoon / evening.
  • No two teams within the same league will ever have the same players.
  • Draft order based on previous season's record (random in initial season of a new League).
  • Each week prior to noon Monday, each team will submit a line-up consisting of:
    • 3 Starting Pitchers (SP)
    • 1 Relief Pitchers (RP)
    • 1 Catcher (C)
    • 1 First Base (1B)
    • 1 Second Base (2B)
    • 1 Third Base (3B)
    • 1 Short Stop (SS)
    • 3 Outfielders (OF)
    • ...from their team's roster or use the line-up from the previous week.

  • Based on a predetermined schedule, in weeks 1-19, each team competes against another team within the league to compile a regular season win/loss record used for play-off rankings.
  • Play-offs are bracketed in each division with #1 in each division receiving a bye in the first round. Each Division Champ then meets in the final game to decide the League Champion.
  • WANNABE Sports will compute the results from each week's competition and post it here every week. WANNABE points are awarded to weekly high scores - click here for more Points info
  • The winner of the final play-off game between the two division winners, The Champion, in each League will win a Trophy. WANNABE points are also awarded to ALL Play-off Winners - click here for more Points info
  • 40 Transactions (waivers and trades) allowed per team per season (no extra cost!)
  • Extra features include mid-week line-up substitutions, a Disabled List for up to two players per team, and saved player options. (no extra cost!)